Frequently Asked Questions

The Habit+ Bands will start shipping in June 2020. It normally takes 2 to 3 business days to receive your Habit+ band for orders in the lower-48 USA states. International orders will be opened in the Fall of 2020.

The Habit+ band can be worn on either left or right wrist. It recommended that you wear the wrist on your dominant hand, since that is the hand you are most likely to use to touch your face. Select your chosen position (left of right wrist) in the Profile Section of the Habit+ band APP.

Yes, the Habit+ band has dedicated APPs for both iOS and Android phones. Please visit the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to download the SensFit APP for your phone.

Yes, wearing 2 Habit+ bands will help you be more conscious about getting your hand near your face in order to reduce getting infected by germs.

Yes, children can use the Habit+ band to provide the same benefits as adults.

Habit+ band will function independently from the phone, after an initial connection and calibration. You must first connect the Habit+ band to the phone via the mobile APP to set the time and region to establish the personal profile.

Once the band is paired with the APP for the first time, the APP will connect to the band automatically when it is close to the phone and the APP is open. There will be a cool-down time in which the devices enter a low-power mode. Make sure the band is close to the phone, the Bluetooth is enabled on the phone, then wait a minute for the APP to connect the band. If that still does not work, unpair the band from the phone, reboot the phone, and pair (bind) it again.

The Habit+ heart rate sensor only supports heart rate measuring when you are stationary. Please avoid movement while measuring heart rate.

The weather forecast on band is synced from the APP. Open the APP and make sure the band is connected; the weather forecast will be automatically synced to the phone. Every time you synchronize the band with the phone, the weather forecast for the current day and upcoming 4 days will be downloaded to the band.

Yes, there are 2 ways to reset the band to factory mode. On the band, navigate to the “MAC Address” page, long touch the touch button for 10 seconds, it will pop the confirm page, short touch to switch to “YES”, and the band will reset and go to the time/date page after 5 seconds. If the touch button does not remedy the situation, and the band can still be connected to the smartphone, please open the APP and go to “Setting” ->”Features”->”Reset Device” to reset the band to the factory settings.

Yes, both the Hand Near Face alert and Hand Washing functions can be switched on/off on both APP and Habit+ band. You can turn these alerts on/off at any time.

Yes, please make sure the band is connected to the APP, and you can set the sensitivity for the hand near face alert. The default setting is the Middle. There are 3 options for sensitivity:
1) High: Habit+ band will be most sensitive when the hand is near the face. This setting can produce the most repeated alerts.
2) Middle: Habit+ band will be less sensitive and there will be a long pause from the previous alert, thus the repeated alerts will be reduced.
3) Low: Habit+ band will be the least sensitive and there will be much longer pause (compared to middle setting) after the previous alert. Repeated alerts are greatly reduced in this mode, but you may miss some alerts for actual the hand near face events.

If you have recently got your hand near your face, the band may be in the pause mode to avoid multiple repeated alerts when the hand is near the face or doing some similar repetitive gestures. Check if the sensitivity level (High, Middle, Low) in the APP and make the selection that is most appropriate for you.

It’s 3 to 10 days.

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